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3 In 1 Wide Angle Macro Fish Eye Mobile Phone Lens

3 In 1 Wide Angle Macro Fish Eye Mobile Phone Lens

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Fisheye 180 degrees + 0.67X wide-angle lens + macro lens

3-in-1 function lens group function

Fisheye 180 Degree Lens: Large angle, illusory like fish eyes * close-up haha mirror effect

Wide Angle 0.67X Lens: The phone can increase the shooting range by 50%*

Macro Lens 10 time: Take small objects that are invisible to the eye*

A microfiber lens bag for storage of lens

The macro lens and the wide-angle lens are combined, and the 0.67 wide-angle lens is unscrewed, and the macro function can be used.


3-in-1 lens kit: 3 detachable mini-lens attachments for iPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / Note 4, iPad, smartphone and tablet for enhanced camera functionality and beautiful photos .

The 180 degree fisheye lens is suitable for wide hemispherical images without vignetting, and can take extreme close-up photos within 1 inch. The wide-angle lens can provide you with a larger image circle.

High quality: Professional optical coated lenses made from upgraded HD glass to reduce glare and reflection. Use the 3-in-1 phone lens kit to take better photos and capture the beauty of the moment on your phone.

Easy-to-use clip-on lens: Removable and portable grip with soft rubber to prevent collisions and scratches on the phone. Easy to install and remove, it can be clipped to all major smartphones and tablets with a single-lens rear camera.

Made with professional-grade HD glasses, the lens does not change the camera's camera characteristics.

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can have fun. Simply mount the lens on the clip and clip it to the rear (or front) camera of your smartphone. Suitable for most types of smartphones/tablets with lens diameters less than 13 mm

Package Included:

3 * Phone lens

1 * Clip

1 * Storage bag

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